Avatrade adds

The domain avatrade-afectados.es has successfully closed in a few minutes an AVATRADE advertisement.

The domain avatrade-afectados.es has successfully closed in a few minutes an AVATRADE advertisement.

The domain avatrade-afectados.es has managed to close in a few minutes an AVATRADE advertisement placed in the digital newspaper MADRIDIARIO last Thursday 5 August 2021. We can see how as a result of MY PETITION and the petition of OTHERS AFFECTED by the thefts, scams and frauds of AVATRADE, MADRIDIARIO proceeded to withdraw the advertisement immediately.

Our mission and philosophy are that AVATRADE disappears from the World, and all of them go to jail if they don't pay back what they have stolen.

MADRIDIARIO removes the ad and asks Google to de-index it

Eliminado el anuncio de MERCA2 de AVATRADE DE FORMA INMEDIATA
MERCA2 also removes the AVATRADE ad immediately after our request.

On 10 August 2021, AVATRADE publishes the same advertisement in the digital newspaper MERCA2 again. We ask them to remove it, and they also remove it instantly, as you can see in the screenshots.

If we visit the MERCA2 URL we see that it ends in 2021/08/10/plataforma-de-negociacion-avatrade/. It indicates that the article was published on 10 August and the title of the article was “La Plataforma de negociación AvaTrade”. If we try to visit it now, we get the message OPPS! ERROR 404! PAGE NOT FOUND

The article begins by saying that AVATRADE was founded in 2006 and that to date, it has offices in more than 150 countries. That is what they say from AVATRADE. It says that they have an office in Madrid. On the AVATRADE website, we found the telephone number 919011972 that until recently they answered us, but God knows from which part of the planet because in Madrid we have found that they do not have an office. While I am writing this article, I have called, and they ask me for a password to talk.

DupliTrade y ZuluTruade

The article’s screenshot says that new investors can trade commodities, stocks, indices, the most popular cryptocurrencies and several currency pairs. They say their platform has a total of 250 tools. But what they don’t say is that from 9 pm, they moved all accounts to a demo platform (Viviana has evidence of this) to manipulate the accounts.
It talks about the DupliTrade and ZuluTrade programs as programs that allow passive income, but in reality, they are two financial scams run by AVATRADE.
We can read, “Please note that it is entirely suitable for beginners who do not have any trading experience”. That goes against ESMA regulations that regulate this type of business as it needs to pass a suitability test. The CNMV fined Caixabank two million euros by sending clients into this type of investment without the suitability test. What is clear is that AVATRADE is looking for inexperienced people to be able to steal them better.


In the section on the FOREX AVATRADE RECOMMENDATION PROGRAMME, we can read, among other things, “One of the delights is the affiliate programme. When you sign up for the affiliate program, you have to attract other clients. And you, who referred them, receive a commission for each trade they make”. They don’t say is that according to their affiliate recruitment page or AvaPartner, that is no longer applicable in Spain because we have managed to identify them. Some of them we have verified that have been in prison. They don’t say that the final objective of the AvaPartner is to ruin the client’s account to divide the money, 10% for the AvaPartner and the rest for AVATRADE. They do not say that to do so; they do not comply with all ESMA regulations. They do not carry out suitability tests. Avapartner manage positions until they lead them to ruin. According to ESMA, a private account cannot lose more than 50% of its capital. And AVATRADE to leave them at 0 euros, what they call a dead account, they close positions from 8% margin and put leverage of 1:400 when ESMA regulations say that for private clients you cannot put more than 1:30.


The chapter dedicated to bonuses talks about welcome bonuses and bonuses for bringing friends, which is totally forbidden by law. But these AVATRADE thieves think they are unpunished and what they want is to collect as much money as possible because customers will see later that they will lose the bonus and all the capital you have invested.



Let’s get Twitter to ban you from having accounts, Facebook to take down all your pages and Google to remove your advertising and indexing.